Photo by Amy Ellis

Photo by Amy Ellis

Katie Larrington. Changing the world one beautiful woman at a time.

Capturing the moment is what I love to do.  Nerves fly out the window as soon as we get started as my goal is to make you feel so comfortable and beautiful that you forget that you were ever nervous at all.  You will love the relaxed feel of your session, we are just two best friends hanging out, and the candid moments of happiness that goes with it.  I'm a sucker for detail and it shows in my photographs.  I like to remember the small things, the colors and the textures, the jewelry and the shoes, and more importantly, the way that these things make you feel and the emotions that are attached to them. Your images will show moments and emotions as well as just beautiful people.  I also specialize in Womens’ Intimate Portraiture which you can find if you click here. I hope you have fun browsing! If you enjoy my work, I'd love to hear feedback from you or set up an appointment for you.  Have a wonderful day!


A few fun facts about me

Why I love what I do
Making Women Feel Beautiful - With all of the ways that the world tells us that we aren't good enough, sometimes we just need a refresher to see ourselves as the wonderful, lovely creatures that we are. I strive to make everyone who walks in my studio feel better than she ever has before about herself. We all just need a little reminder sometimes
Creating Lasting Connections - Many of my clients start out as one type of client and end up being lifelong clients and friends. I hope to get to know each one of my clients so well that we become friends outside of my business.
Preserving Memories - I love seeing my artwork hanging in the homes of my clients. I think that it is so important to print pictures to be viewed and enjoyed daily as opposed to put on a disc and placed in a drawer. While we do offer the images on a disc, we highly recommend printing so that the images can be enjoyed, not only by you, but by your children for years to come.

Things That I Love
Rubber Duckies - Yes, those little guys you take in the shower with you.  I have over 100 of them scattered throughout my house, my car and my office.
British TV shows - Come on, Ladies. Sherlock? Doctor Who? Torchwood? There's just something about them that's irresistible. I think his name is John Barrowman...or Benedict Cumberbatch..

You may contact me at:
or at (540) 588-0448